TaughannockFalls Welcome, first off let me thank you for visiting my website and for your interest. I am a working artist in upstate New York, currently living on the outskirts of beautiful Ithaca (my home since ’98).  I received my formal art training at Ithaca College, but have been involved in the arts all my life and attended classes as a youth at a variety of institutions including Cornell University and the Arnot Art Museum (in nearby Elmira).  I have my wonderful parents to thank for exposing me to art from a young age, encouraging my interest, and for all of their support.

    I appreciate the beauty of many things in our natural surroundings, our constructed world, and ourselves; recreating my impression of the things I see with precision through a variety of direct media is my primary method.  I feel especially satisfied when a piece I have created is able to convey emotion or inspire the subtle feelings of peace, quiet and awe that we get from time spent in the presence of natural beauty.  I have been greatly inspired by many artists who have come before, particularly master draftsmen (Degas, Sargent, Homer, Ingres) throughout the ages and the painters of the ‘Hudson River School’.  Pencil, charcoal, pastel and conte are some of my favorite tools, although I try not to limit myself to any one thing; I have also enjoyed working in watercolor, oil, printmaking, digital imagery, animation and mixed media sculpture (especially welding).  The vast majority of my portfolio however, is made up of portrait, figure and landscape drawings as people and nature are, and always have been, my favorite subjects.  

     I also specialize in creating beautiful drawings from photographs, so please contact me to create an original work of art from your photos of friends, family, pets or favorite places. Or alternately, give me some idea of what you’re looking for and I’ll do the rest. Artwork can make a fantastic and memorable gift for nearly any occasion. Most of my original pieces are also for sale and I have begun creating reproduction prints and notecards from my waterfall series as well, all pricing available upon request. Simply click the ‘contact’ link above to get in touch.